MAP: Mobile Access Program

MAP - Mobile Access Program provides eligible students in grades 4-12 with free access to a laptop computer and the Internet via a mobile hotspot to expand their learning environment beyond the classroom walls and school day hours to their homes.  The District recognizes that all families will not be able to afford a computer and internet connection at home, so this project is designed to ensure that all students will have access to these important resources.  

ELIGIBILITY: MAP eligibility is determined by if a student qualifies for the federal free and reduced meals program or the family’s demonstration of other financial needs. 

MISSION: MAP is aligned with the district’s mission statement to “prepare all of our students to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate citizens of a global society.”   We believe that helping students become more adept and confident in using technology as a tool for learning will better prepare them for their futures. 

GOALS: MAP will assist the district in supporting students and families by:  

  • increasing the time that all students have access to online educational resources to build their academic skills and increase their knowledge about our community, nation and the world; 
  • encouraging parents/families to use the Parent Portal and PowerSchool Learning to keep track of their child’s grades, homework and attendance; and 
  • increasing communication between students, parents and schools by making information about school activities, resources and policies more readily available. 


RESOURCES: MAP will provide students with these resources for school work: 

  • a laptop computer
  • a WiFi mobile hotspot device that provides approximately 4 GB of Internet data every month to:

- Look/research on the web for 100 hours
- Send/receive about 2000 emails
- Listen to about 200 music tracks
- Look at about 100 two-minute videos

Each device will also have similar content filters as the computers in school classrooms and libraries, ensuring students will be safe and more likely to remain focused on their tasks. 


For more information about the PPS Mobile Access Program, please contact the school MAP representative:

Princeton High School  
Lenora Keel
John Witherspoon Middle School  
Monique Jones
Community Park School   
Tracey Goldberg
Johnson Park School   
Liliana Morenilla
Littlebrook School  
Katelyn Hoobler
Riverside School  
Ben Samara