Unique Midterm for Anatomy and Physiology Students
Posted on 02/13/2018

For the midterm exam in Ms. Katz’s Anatomy and Physiology class at Princeton High School, students created storybooks for elementary students who have been learning about the human body and digestion. The stories they wrote were based on Gulp, a non-fiction work by Mary Roach that the A&P students have been reading in class.

The PHS students read the storybooks they created to 2nd graders at Community Park Elementary. This creative midterm is a wonderful example of an authentic assessment of students’ knowledge and of service learning. Some of the PHS students even used the skills they’ve been learning in their Spanish classes to translate their stories for students in CP’s Dual Language Immersion program. 

“My student's felt this experience was incredibly meaningful,” said Jackie Katz, science teacher at PHS. “They were so impressed with the knowledge of the 2nd graders and the questions that they asked. My students in the Spanish immersion classroom were particularly stunned by the language proficiency of the 2nd graders!”